James Corden and Denis Leary dress up as the Clintons to mock Donald Trump


Though plenty of late night hosts have attempted to impersonate GOP nominee Donald Trump, James Corden took things a step further on Wednesday night when he slipped into a pantsuit to play Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Actor Denis Leary joined “The Late Late Show” host, dressing as Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, and together they sang a rather unusual song.

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“Maybe he’s talking from the bottom of his heart, maybe below his heart. Maybe he’s talking out of his a**,” Corden as Hillary said of Trump.

The pair did call out a few of Hillary’s controversial votes, like voting in favor of the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, but they saved their biggest insults for the Republican billionaire.

“But no matter how bad we can be,” Corden said.

“We’ve never said Mexicans are racists on TV,” Leary added. “Trump’s an a**hole, he’s an a**hole!”

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“He won’t show his taxes, he won’t even try. He’s kicking out babies when they start to cry, while wearing a red, white and blue Chinese tie,” they sang together.

After singing a few more rounds of the song and having some fun with the CBS censors, the pair shared a passionate kiss.